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A small family-owned business based in SUBURB

Skylight Installation SUBURB is a small family-owned business based in Mona Vale on the beautiful Northern Beaches proudly offering a comprehensive one-stop natural lighting service to homeowners, builders, architects, and strata managers.

His carpentry background means that more structurally complex installations are not a problem.

Skylight Installation SUBURB’s team will do everything possible to exceed your expectations and light up your life. We also aim to be the greenest installers in SUBURB. All metal, cardboard and polystyrene are recycled.


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Skylights designed and installed by your local experts

  • Comprehensive product advice
  • Sales or supply/installation of REDi-lite Spectra
  • Sales or supply/installation of Velux skylights and blinds
  • Service/repair or skylight replacement
  • Design and/or fabrication of custom skylights/glass roof systems
  • Supply/Installation of diffused ceiling frame
  • Supply/installation of Formosa custom skylight blinds
  • Sales/installation of Solatube products

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Remember, your skylight only lasts about 10-15 years, so even if it doesn’t leak, if it’s getting up there in age when you are ready to have your roof done, it would be smart to replace your skylights at this time as well.
An indoor home renovation can improve your life while increasing your home’s value. For instance, natural light is a big selling point for homebuyers. Adding Energy Star-qualified, no-leak skylights can increase your home’s efficiency and appeal to potential buyers. As an added benefit, natural light does wonders for your mood and your energy bill.

There are generally 2 of glass used in skylights, tempered glass, and safety laminated glass. Tempered glass has an additional degree of hardness that makes the glass shatter into small pieces rather than large shards of glass when it breaks. Whereas, laminated safety glass is a combination of two pieces of heat-strengthened glass bonded together with a plastic (PVB) inner layer that holds the glass together if it gets broken.

When direct sunlight penetrates into a room, it makes it warmer. This is the case whether light enters through a window, a glass door, or a skylight. However, not every skylight will heat a room during sunny weather, and various factors such as skylight placement and the use of window treatments can affect heat transfer.

Skylights that are positioned properly can let the maximum amount of light into a room without substantially increasing its heat. A skilled architect and daylighting contractor can place skylights and other large window installations to let in light without letting in excess amounts of heat.

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